For Schools in West Africa Only! – Indeed for Schools Everywhere

A teacher at MIPAT School, Ikorodu, Nigeria making use of the SCD Schools Guide to instruct pupils about sickle cell

The West African sub-region is the home – both in sheer numbers and origination – of the most severe sub-type of SCD.

Primary and secondary school teachers in West Africa must learn more about SCD, and do more to help their students be all they can be! Here are little known resources in English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Creole to dispel myths and disinformation about the world’s most commonly-inherited health condition.


Absolutely free downloads for teachers, students, school administrators and parents.


SCD Schools Guide in Igbo
SCD Schools Guide Igbo
SCD Schools Guide Creole
SCD Schools Guide Yoruba
SCD schools guide English
SCD Schools Guide in Hausa

SCD schools guide Igbo

SCD schools guide Hausa

SCD schools guide Yoruba

SCD schools guide English

SCD schools guide Creole





From SCOOTER and from the Guide To School Policy (OER Content Author: Professor Simon Dyson, Professor of Applied Sociology, School of applied Health Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK)