Last Moments of 94-year-old sickle cell warrior

The Great Warrior with her daughter, Mosun Adeniji


  • She re-dedicated her life to Jesus Christ two weeks before she died. Her daughter, Mosun reveals why the nonagenarian asked to be buried the Muslim way.
  • Had multiple organ failure
  • Had a mild stroke
  • Last statement was, ‘Mosun, I want to sleep.’

My mom was a rare breed. On Sunday 23rd February I visited her, as I usually did twice a week. Her legs were slightly swollen so I called in the doctor to come and see her. The doctor said her organs are failing gradually but that she would be ok. I called on her again, Tuesday 25th. She was very bright and very cheerful. I was happy that she picked up again. I was meant to see her on Friday again, but work and traffic didn’t permit.

Around 1.40 am on February 29th, my nephew staying with her sent a message that mom was throwing up and not sleeping. I didn’t get the message. When he didn’t hear from me, he called me around 7am. I quickly got dressed and rushed to Ilasamaja, where she resides.

She wasn’t looking good. It wasn’t the cheerful old girl I saw on Tuesday. I think she had a mild stroke as her speech was not too clear and her right side of her face was a bit droopy. I called the doctor and told him of my observation. He advised that we should give her aspirin. He said her system was shutting down fast.

Mrs. Mosun Adeniji: ‘Mom was a rare breed.’

I prayed for her and tried to feed. She threw up again. My nephew, son and his girlfriend then decided to take her into hospital instead of waiting for the doctor. Amidst all this anxiety, my mother kept saying ‘thank you, I love you all’. She was even apologetic that she was stressing us.

On getting to the hospital, she was given a bed. They did her vitals and took blood samples. Her heart was not pumping well. A drip was set and a catheter was inserted. As usual she queried the doctor about the treatment he was giving her.

My mom kept yawning. A little while later, she called me:

‘Mosun, I want to sleep, I am tired.’

‘You had a long sleepless night,’ I replied, ‘Please go ahead and sleep.’

I never knew that will be our last conversation.

After about 30mins, Marishe (my son’s girlfriend) got up to check her. She was not breathing any more.

Alas, ‘The Great Aduke, The Warrior’, as I call her, had left me in this wicked world.

One thing I learnt from The Great warrior is – ask God anything and God will answer you as long as you are persistent. Over the years, my mom used to say ‘I want to be sleeping when death comes’. She got exactly that!

The Great Aduke gave her life to Jesus Christ when no one would have stopped her or convince her not to do so. She rededicated her life 2 weeks before she left this world. She told me: ‘bury me the Muslim way so that people will not fight you.’

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