Sickle Cell Warrior/Doctor Loses Battle To Coronavirus

Dr. Ketan Patel

On July 30, the dreaded Coronavirus claimed sickle cell Warrior Dr. Ketan Patel.

Dr. Patel worked diligently at the Community Health Centre, Anaval Mauva, a village in Gujarat.

He was said to have developed COVID-19 symptoms in the course of duty.

He developed a fever around July 20. By the 22nd, he was ok, but the fever returned two days later with severe headache.

Sickle cell pain crises followed suit and the doctor was hospitalised and transfused. MRI showed frontal hematoma, a situation in which blood pooled outside the blood vessels.

The medical officer was intubated on July 30 after his health began to worsen.

He however, did not improve. He passed away the following day.

India is one of the countries worst affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite a lockdown of many weeks, cases continue to rise.

Sickle Cell deaths as a result of the pandemic has been minimal with African-Americans worst affected. Worldwide, as of July 31, 2020, according to the covid-sicklecell registry, 284 persons with sickle cell have tested positive for the virus. 16 have succumbed.


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