New Herbal Remedy For SCD Launched In Lagos

Mrs Ibijoke Olajide, MD, Verdant Olives

Testimonies Galore At Launch of J-VITE

Mainland Leisure View Hotel, Surulere, Lagos. 17 November 2018

Individuals and families with sickle cell, hotel guests, journalists and members of the public witnessed the launch of what may yet prove a powerful addition to the effort to bring SCD underfoot.

The official presentation of J-VITE, produced by Verdant Olives, was preceded by a seminar on the management of SCD, delivered by Dr. Matthew Oluwasegun Olufade, Medical Director, De-Matt Clinic, Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos. Dr. Olufade stressed the importance of adequate water intake, proper hygiene and balanced diet in warding off sickle cell crises. He also recommended frequent hand-washing to keep infections at bay.



I am a well known sickle cell patient at many hospitals in Lagos State. I had no respite from crises, hospitalization and blood transfusion until I started to take J-VITE after my last admission in 2016. J-VITE has improved my health significantly – increased appetite, improved sleep, rare crises as opposed to severe frequent ones prior to taking the medicine. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude to Mrs. Olajide – and to God!

Mrs. Rachael Morenike Oyeniyi, 47 year-old teacher and mother of three.


Since he started taking J-VITE six weeks ago, my son has experienced weight gain and PCV increment from 9% to 23%. He is more active than I have ever known him to be! Thank you so much.

Mrs. Tolu Adeyemi


I was devastated when the genotype result of my son came out as Hbss because my husband and I did the needful by checking our genotypes before getting married , my husband was AA and I As.We where in shock, apparently the lab that conducted his test gave him a wrong result.The most shocking was at 8 month I did a genotype test for my son for documentation purposes at the hospital he was born and the result came out as AA, we haven’t been able to come to terms with that. A lot was running through my head, my son was going to die, he will be stigmatized, we his parents will be blamed, as educated and enlightened as we where, got married knowing our genotypes how long will I keep explaining that it wasn’t our fault.My husbands cried but as  born again Christians, we went to God on our knees asking for strength and declaring his word.our little boy fell in and out of crisis until God showed us mercy,we got a number  from my sister-in-law which happened to be that of Mrs Ibijoke Olajide, i immediately contacted her and she educated me on the use of the alternative medicine ( herbal),without any doubt and with my husband’s support I ordered for some  and I haven’t regretted it. As soon as my son started using it, I noticed he had strength, his appetite increased and he became very cheerful and energetic.The jvite works amazingly well and the crisis are very minimal.There hasn’t been any blood transfusion and he doesn’t look pale as was the case before I started using the herbs.I give God all the glory.

Mrs Bolo Jacobs.



According to Verdant Olives, J-VITE is an anti-sickling, anti-oxidant, immune-enhancer and multivitamin guaranteed to assist the bone marrow in the production of round healthy cells.



To order J-VITE, or for distributorship enquiries, please call 08093021414 OR 08036672365

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