I knew I had sickle cell anaemia before I was formally diagnosed

My name is Perryana Dickenson and I am 33-years-old. I am from St. Lucia but I have been residing in Canada for the past seven years, which has been a great increasing experience. I am a very welcoming and social individual who is empathetic and readily available to help. I am a mother of a fourteen-year-old son, named Sanje who motivates me daily and inspires me to move forward and accomplish my goals.

I am currently a Restaurant Manager and a student at the George Brown College pursuing a Hospitality Management Diploma. My dream is to become an entrepreneur with a vision to open a Desert Parlor with a mini playground which would help parents relax and enable them to treat themselves while the kids enjoy the playground or the other games.

I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at the age of twelve; but that was self-diagnose. I was able to find out about this disease in the library where I spent most of my absent time from school due to my illness. In the beginning, my mother believed in natural remedies, so she gave me home care treatments but never took me to the hospital. She insisted I just had arthritis until I discovered a posting in the library with all the symptoms that I was experiencing. At that moment, I knew it had to be Sickle Cell Anaemia that I was suffering from. My mom was in denial and didn’t take my word for it until I ended up having a very bad crisis. During that episode, I was rushed to the hospital and the test results came back with the same conclusion.

We had mixed emotions about the illness but as time progressed I understood and learnt how to deal with this disease to better managed my health.

I encourage others by letting them know that a disease should never take control of your life, you have the power to take your life back! Faith is what I hold onto and I am walking in it daily.


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