October-December 2018 Edition – Sickle Cell Trait – the good, the bad, the deadly …

African Sickle Cell News & World ReportSICKLE CELL TRAIT

  1. Sickle Cell Trait (SCT): the good, the bad, the deadly
  2. SCT not always advantageous or benign
  3. SCT: Ugandan SCD activist Ssebandeke Ashiraf has SCT, but it behaves much like SCD
  4. SCT: former NFL player James Clarke Ryan nearly knocked out by Sickle Cell Trait, turns activist impatient for a cure!
  5. SCT: How I Cope – Geno Atkins
  6. SCT: Interview with foremost SCT activist, Ritchie Johnson, author, MAMA, I’M TIRED!
  7. Clinical Trials: this study seeks only people with SEVERE SCD
  8. Close To Cure: US getting close to SCD cure – full text of President Donald Trump’s speech
  9. Nigeria 2019: Ebonyi gubernatorial aspirant Professor Bernard Odo pledges support for SCD
  10. Money: can you spend every deposit in your bank account?
  11. Arts: Peace Adetoro in A World Without Sickle Cell, Adelani Ogunrinade’s Treasure