Meet The Warrior Artist of India

Girish Dongre displays a drawing

Onward from two years of age, when he was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia, Girish Dongre has had crises of varying degrees of severity every other month. He is now blood transfusion dependent and has had more than 20 episodes of transfusion.

The boy artist hard at work

His dad, like any other loving parent, is worried about his child’s health, especially the hard-to-witness punishing pain events.

Nevertheless, as nature never brings sadness without joy, or darkness without a streak of light, the boy, now a teenager, is fast positioning himself as a talented artist.

‘My son has never been to art school,’ says his father. ‘He started making sketches as a child, and now he has gained proficiency by constant practice.’

A Girish sketch
Another sketch by Girish

The 16-year old has sketched startlingly look-alike images of famous people in India including those of Prime Minister Narendrah Mohdi, actors from Bollywood and others.

This Warrior has demonstrated that his story is not one of pain, but that of passion – and painting.

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