Coronavirus: Unsung Sickle Cell Activist Dies After Infecting Entire Family

Dr. Șęgun Akanni George

Jaiyeola Clinic, Pedro, Lagos is a distinctive health facility more fitting for highbrow Victoria Island or the Federal Capital, Abuja than for Bariga. It’s amiable proprietor, Dr. Șęgun George, studied medicine at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
The high rise medical centre named after his father, Jaiyeola, was sealed up in recent weeks after its CEO contracted the dreaded coronavirus from a patient. Unknowingly, the doctor carried the virus home and infected his aged mom and all his children.
Everyone recovered, even the mom, but not the doctor who famously told a respected professor of paediatric that he (the prof), KNEW NOTHING ABOUT SICKLE CELL

In his lifetime, Dr. George did not openly display his SCD-activist credentials. In the background, however, he opened up his hospital to rich and poor with SCD and remained a rabid opponent of the idea that love should have its way over the physical and mental health of an innocent child. When one of his children brought forth a sickle cell carrier to marry – she herself a carrier – the doctor knew no sleep. Things however resolved themselves around his wishes – much to his relief!
If Dr. George had his way, genotype education will be a compulsory course from primary school to university in every African country.

Dr. Oguntade with Dr. George

The Nigerian Medical Association was thrown into mourning when Dr. George died after failed two weeks of treatment for COVID-19. His colleagues at the Lagos State branch of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN) were no less distressed.
In Ogun State, Dr. Adebayo Oguntade, Medical Director, Firstline Clinics, Idiroko Road, Otta, recalls reigniting a longstanding friendship with Dr. George during their induction into the Society of Family Medicine in Abuja. Earlier, they had both taken a postgraduate course at the National Postgraduate Medical College.
‘We will sorely miss a great colleague and an astute medical administrator,’ Dr. Oguntade said.

Dr. Șęgun George would have been 70 years old in August 2020.

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