Coronavirus: hardly any symptoms, but i tested positive!

Sickle Cell Activist and mom of a Warrior relates how she tested POSITIVE for COVID-19 days after it had peaked within her!!!

Mrs. Toyin Adeyemi

Our office had to close at the instance of the state government. Different measures had been put in place to tone down the quick spread of the virus causing a pandemic all over the globe. At work, it seemed as if everyone was walking on egg shells and each person was suspicious of the other especially when anyone coughed or sneezed. The new normal had suddenly become being wary of friends and family members. My boss had waited on the corporate office to tell us whether we were considered to be an essential business or not. Word finally came, we could not go to the office any longer. Some fancy software was installed on each staff member’s laptop, training was given to us because we had to compress two computer screens into one small laptop and finally, it was decided that we had to work from home.

The media had been in a kind of frenzy for almost two weeks. Updates continued to pour in quick succession about the dangers of Covid-19. The intensive care units in various hospitals showing images of intubated patients lying on their beds became a big part of everyday life. News had it that people at the throes of death could not see their loved-ones or say goodbye to them before they passed on. Medical personnel were swamped with work while re-using their PPEs, some countries cut off their friendship with others and made new friends. Permanent interests were developed and sustained by new mutually-benefitting relationship among many western countries.

I somewhat fumbled through my work for the rest of the week. I had only always used my laptop to do some basic typing. I mostly used it to watch movies and documentaries. It had been my TV since August 29th 2019 when I moved to this new country. Each day before the first weekend of working from home was almost a nightmare. My job requires speed and multitasking. Between the crawling of a snail and my typing speed, I can’t say which is faster. Add speaking to people with the use of a headset, having to do on-the-spot mathematics of giving 40 or 60 percent discount to clients while negotiating to give them help with their finances, plus the fact that my job requires ensuring the privacy of clients is not exposed, I was particularly drained at the end of each work day.

The second week of working remotely rolled in. I was beginning to feel the impact of the hard-surface chair I had to sit on for eight hours a day. My body was aching, a dull headache was on-going and I kept getting up to stretch myself at short intervals. I thought about my well-padded, very soft-cushioned swivel executive chair back in the office, my two screens that made my job easier and the fact that I had my cubicle in the office sandwiched between two guys who I constantly picked on, I realized how much I missed going out to work. I missed my two male colleagues and how goofing around with them in the office always seemed to make the day go by so fast.

Fast forward to Thursday, just a day before Good Friday, the headache had persisted, aches in my joints were not abating either. I called my supervisor on Microsoft Teams for a quick virtual meeting and told her I was logging out. I explained to her I could not continue working, my nose was stuffy and I was not leaving quality voicemail messages for clients so they could return the company’s calls.

Surprisingly after I had clocked out, I accompanied an older friend to see someone about thirteen kilometers away because I just could not sit around. I am also never able to take naps during the day. My brain has never been able to trick itself into sleeping when it is not dark. I went out with the friend to pass the time. We returned to our abode around 5pm and we were both on the queue to get some dinner when I suddenly felt a terrible pain coupled with a dangerous heaviness on my chest. Someone or something seemed to whisper into my ears “Leave now or you will slump and die.” I looked around me, my friend whom I had gone out with was standing right behind me but she was busy with her phone and was oblivious to what was going on with me.

As I turned to my former position, I heard it again, “Leave now or you will slump and die.” I moved and told my friend I was going upstairs because of what I heard. She looked confused and wanted me to explain what I meant but I could not. There was an inexplicable urgency to leaving where I was. Each step taken towards moving upstairs (where my bed was) felt like it was going to be my last. I called on my Savior to help me. I realized I could do nothing and my effort would not count. I got to my bed, my head could not reach the pillows and I could not take off my shoes. I slumped on the bed and as I did, I saw a picture of my children-all three of them flash before my eyes. I mumbled a prayer and my eyes closed.

I am awed to be alive writing this. I don’t know how He did it but the Lord woke me up two hours later. I woke up to go give a message to a group. I was grateful to be available to run that errand. Every time I remember this particular situation, I know there is a purpose why each of us is still here on earth. I realized that some reports on the news of people who slumped right on the streets and died from Covid-19 were not far from the truth. What would have happened if I was on the street when my body turned against me? Words still fail me even now, to describe exactly what happened to me. I cannot find the right words.

The following week on Tuesday, I had just finished eating a local meal when I spoke with someone on the phone. The man told me he could not hear me well and I told him I was having a cold and so, my nose was stuffy. He suggested I went for a COVID-19 test. I laughed at his suggestion but decided to take his advice since he meant no harm. Moreover, he is a doctor. I went to the hospital, got swabbed and 24 hours later, I got the result. I tested positive for Covid-19.

I had previously noticed that my face had turned bluish purple but I never thought of Covid. The news emphasized fever, dry cough, terrible headache and difficulty in breathing as the usual symptoms of the disease. I had none of these except for the headache which was mild. While in the hospital after getting the result, I was not given any medication except Tylenol for the headache. I was taken to a hotel two days later where myself and others who had also tested positive were treated like kings. Even as I write this, I do so from the comfort of another hotel.

I believe the Scripture that says “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose.” I do not in any way take His grace for granted. The day before 2020 Good Friday was for me, the peak of Covid-19 in my body. I sympathize with those who have lost family member and I know “……it is not of him who wills, nor he who runs, but of God who shows mercy.”

Mrs. Adeyemi writes in from North America

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