Beating Painful Crises With Marathon Water Intake

Zandra Nwogu

For eight consecutive years, stunningly beautiful Zandra Chidinma Nwogu, 35 had been crises-free. All of a sudden, on November 27, 2018, as she prepared for an appointment slated to take place the next day, sickle cell crises erupted.

‘I was cleaning my shoes when I felt this sharp pain course through my neck, spine and waist,’ Zandra recalls.

Within two minutes, as she was still ruing the unhappy reminder that the sickle still lurked within, all hell broke loose.

‘Not anymore,’ she said to the monster pain, ‘I thought I was done with you long ago!’ The last episode – eight years previously – had been a ‘near-death experience’.

Having been pain-free for long, Zandra did not have even the basic painkillers at home, talk less the more powerful ones.

A strident SOS to her sister in-law remained unanswered as the phone was on silent mode. She took some water and lay on bed in punishing pain.

Her sister in-law returned and searched the house for panadol. After taking a tablet, Zandra settled down to her trademark ‘water marathon therapy’ for quenching pain.

Within eight hours, she consumed close to five litres of ordinary water. It was already past midnight when she lay down to sleep, now in no pain whatsoever.

‘I awoke feeling rejuvenated.’

She attended the event as planned. You would never have guessed that, twelve hours earlier, the brightly-dressed and cheerful facilitator was groveling in pain and feeling sorry for herself!

Lately, Zandra’s water therapy has begun showing levels of improvement for leg ulcers that traditional and orthodox treatments failed to produce. Her disappointment with allopathic therapy heightened when surgical skin grafting failed to rid her of the long-standing ulcers.

Zandra Nwogu

‘Millions was spent over the years, but no improvement to write home about,’ she said.

Let down, she took to self-treatment after researching widely on non-drug treatment for health maintenance.

A Business Education graduate, Zandra is ever alert to opportunities for self-improvement. She is a motivational speaker, beauty/make-up artist and manufacturer of organic skin care products. Her forte, however, has been in the production of health drinks decocted from nature’s pharmacy – roots, leaves, fruits and vegetables.

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